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17 Depot St, Concord NH

(603) 228-0180

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The Gist : horrible

  • Broiled ★ Poor 1 out of 5

    2006-09-08 09:54:54

    This is one of the worst restaurants in New England without a doubt. The food is absolutely horrible and poorly prepared. There is no ambiance to this place at all. Total waste of time and money as well. Try McDonalds instead. Mike Boogy is probably the worst businessman on the planet and easily the ugliest person in the western hemisphere. I sincerely hope the board of health closes this rathole down and takes a ballbat to Boogy's face as it may help his horrible looks. It's bad enough trying to consume the poor excuse for food they have, and then this parakeet looking loser appears and thinks everyone recognizes him as a big celebrity. TOTAL LOSER. Lot of nerve to use the fine name of 'Cheers ' in a dump like this. PEOPLE, try dumpster diving ... the food is much better than cheers.

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